Girl x Guy (Zayn Malik One Shot) (MATURE)
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The song for this is here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOBd4kOuuxs 
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Clocking in, she sighed to herself lowly; another day, another time for her to spend restless and wandering throughout the café, not really there but with her mind adrift. Walking out of the back, she made her way to a plethora of tables, forcing a pleasant smile as she scribbled down their wants lazily across a worn out notepad pressed softly against her heart.
A throatily laugh sent tremors through her nerves as she turned her tired blue eyes towards the door way, a breath catching itself in her throat. An unruly black quiff atop shaved sides, cheek bones placed impossibly high and a set of eyes that directed heat throughout her pores; he walked on in, surrounded by his best mates as he took a place at a seemingly distant table across the room, catching her stare and smirking in return.
Breaking eye contact, she hurriedly made her way behind the counter, finding a place for herself within the break room as she placed her clammy hands upon her racing chest heaving for air.
He couldn’t be here.
He was supposed to be home, supposed to be on break for the entirety of a month before beginning the globally known band’s North American tour that summer.
Shivering violently, she remembered his rough hands gripping her shallow throat as his teeth cruelly nipped against her flushed skin, pressing into her harshly during one of their many, brief encounters.
The simple act of shunning him, ignoring his mere presence at a signing igniting an unknown flame within him. She knew who he was; she knew that darkened tan and sinful smile from a mile away, they were childhood friends; they used to spend every waking moment together, until he moved away.
Until he found a home in Europe, following his dreams on a popular reality television competition show.
Never even bothering to call, never really paying her memory any mind.
She put it past her, she didn’t allow the hurt to affect her greatly; for when she found out they’d be visiting her city during their passing through America, she was filled with the uttermost joy.
Finally, she’d be reunited with her best friend.
With the one person she couldn’t imagine her life being without.
But the person placed before her, the person nonchalantly holding her CD within his hands as he busied himself, checking out the slim figures of the girls behind her didn’t mirror the boy she’d grown up with. She wouldn’t allow his ‘holy than thou’ attitude get a hold of her; however, hurt did begin to slowly replace the utter happiness she’d felt earlier; she leered at him. When he sent a mere smirk in her direction, writing a short signature, gifting a curt smile and attempting to send her on her way, she bit the inside of her mouth angrily. Placing her face a mere few inches from his own, reddened blue orbs scanned profound chocolate coated hues, as she whispered a few words that would resonate within him, that would end up turning her world upside down and inside out, .
“Becoming famous doesn’t mean you’re no better than anyone else. And by the looks of it, you’re worse than most, fucking twat.”
Storming away, she found herself in an unknown portion of the building. Chewing herself out lightly, she spent a few minutes attempting to find her way around, a way out of that hell she’d only been glad to have the privilege of being at a half an hour prior.
A hardened squeeze against her upper arm pulled her into a murky custodial closet. The top of a broom sticking uncomfortably into her backside, she found herself face to face with the last person she wanted to see.
“Malik, what do you-“cut off by a rude shove into the door; he locked it behind her. Covering her quivering mouth with his large overbearing hands, he leaned in close, holding her gaze as she’d done to him only a few moments earlier.
“You had the nerve to call me out like that? In front of the other fans, unnerving me?” his leg spread her own shaking with fear, apart, as he pressed against her core; her eyes lighting with fear but behind several layers,  deep within her, an unknown emotion surfaced, lust.
<3A smile spread across his face as he bent closer, pressing his moistened plump lips against the shell of her ear as his whispers scourged across the tanned dampening skin.
“We’ll see how much better I am than anyone else, shall we?” Pressing his hands down her sides and grasping her legs, he wrapped them around his back. Rolling his body in rhythm with her own, spreading her legs farther, slipping between them more easily, he pushed even further; their pants slowly filling the cramped room as he finalized the moment with a searing locking of their lips.
That’s where their secret game of cat and mouse began.
No matter where she was, no matter what she was doing; he always found a way to her.
Sneaking into her thoughts and her dreams, his fingers burning everlasting holes within her skin, he never failed to complete her; fill her up till she couldn’t stand the moment any longer.
Raking his hands, teeth, anything across her body; indulging in the mewls and whimpers that fled her sore lips.
For months they’d kept up the charade, violent thrusts, skin smacking against skin and bruising that appeared for the days to come. She couldn’t help but pine for him, pine to trace the ever present scars across his poorly lit skin, tattoos ever present and rising in number, fueling her burning attraction for him.
But she ended it; she had no choice in the matter.
With a simple argument between the two of them, she cut him off completely.
It was wrong, what they were doing.
Wrong on a multitude of levels.
She couldn’t keep lying to herself, the pent up frustrations barreling within her were too much to handle; too much to control. She needed to wipe herself clean, practically go to rehab and get rid of the drug she’d become hopelessly addicted to.
She deserved someone who loved her, someone who cared for her wellbeing as a whole.
Rather than someone who took pleasure in seeing her shriveling form beneath him, begging for a finish to the sweet torture he always placed her in.
Not hearing the door closing shut behind her, she missed the sound of the lock turning in place; his footsteps buried within the hundreds of thoughts she found herself pondering for minutes at a time. Subsequently, her back hit the wall, a sharp pain rising on all sides of her body from impact. Opening her eyes frantically she was met with clouded brown orbs and short, hot breathes fanning over her shaking lips. Using all the force pent up within her, she attempted to shove him away, her short arms pressing against his toned torso urgently.
“Get the fuck off of me!” grinning slightly, he chuckled deeply, pressing himself even closer, trapping her within his warmth. Hands on either side of her shoulders, he leaned forward; his face once again a mere inches from her own. Trailing down her neck with his softened lips, he made a path down her torso, his calloused hands pushing her firmly once more against the wall, digging into hips, keeping her in place.
Locking his hardened eyes with her own, he nipped at the edge of her thin skirt, pulling it towards the floor and glancing briefly at his prize.
“Whoops, didn’t mean to pull them both of love.” A blush made its way across her faced as she thrashed against his hold, ignoring his close proximity to where she craved him most and pressed forward with the small bit of clarity left within her mindset.
“Zayn Malik if you don’t get off-OH!” His mouth had found a home within the folds of her privacy, sucking all the rationality out of her system and pulsating heat as its ready replacement. Her knees shook with abundance as she sighed heartily, shutting her thighs around his bobbing head. Humming slipping through his throat soon sent shockwaves through her as she bit her lip profusely, struggling to encase the sounds threatening to escape her desperate lips.
Marking his way back on top her chest, his arms removed themselves from holding her prisoner and lifted her into his arms. Gently placing her onto the floor, his mouth spoke against her form, not leaving an inch of her body untouched. His gentle hands whispered sweet adoration across her arms as his fingers filled the void between her own. Her confused eyes walked towards his own, and she was struck breathless by the gaze he’d given her.
She couldn’t understand, was that love?
The gleam in his eyes as he entered her slowly, was it love?
His shaky sigh of contentment as a smile broke out against his hollowed cheeks, was it love?
His chest placed against her ever rising one, heart beats creating notes that spoke words of encouragement to the other, was it love?
Questions soon erased from her thoughts as he plunged further, striking her to the very pits of her core, penetrating any and all points left alone for so long.
His lips met the junction between her shoulder and small neck as his teeth gripped the skin found there harshly, slipping his hand over her mouth as they hit the point of no return, their highest point of sin together, as one.
Panting softly, he found a home onto her bare chest, clothes long forgotten in the midst of heated exploration. Enclosing her arms around his frame, she slipped into unconsciousness.
Soon awaking to a cold floor, fully clothed and alone.
Glancing around her surroundings, she felt her heart beat steadying as a feeling of sadness over powered her. She pushed herself against the wall, the intensity within her dreams so real that she could still smell him against her smooth small hands.
Looking towards the clock, she rearranged her clothing and continued her shift. Her energy back on track, she even scored high tipping customers for the rest of the evening due to her natural smile finding its rightful place on her glowing face.
Walking out the door and into the cool night air at the end of her shift, she felt someone shadowing her every movement.
“It wasn’t a dream.” She whispered to the watchful moon as she rounded the corner to a dark alley.
Instinct told her to run.
Her rationality told her to never allow it to happen again.
Her mind told her to end the game.
But by the time she felt hands pressing against her shoulders from behind, short breaths covering the underside of her lower neck, she relapsed.

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Girl x Guy (Zayn Malik One Shot)
Excuse me tumblr for being an inconsiderate jerkface and making me simply post a link to the song for the story.
The song for this is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUMwFaXTM3s
Tell me what you think?(: 
Oh and don’t start listening to the song until you reach the “<3

Nerves wrecking her soul to the core, she couldn’t fathom her chances enough. Texas, the bare faced beauty with the sun smiling in its direction constantly, was being graced with her idols presence, One Direction. She’d been counting down the months, the weeks, the days, the hours and now minutes until she’d reach the room awaiting her. They’d lifted her up from her darkest points; seemingly innocent lyrics proclaiming a slight adoration for a girl unbeknownst to her own beauty swept her from the profound pits of misery she’d grown accustomed to. Those around her supposed that she was filled with the utmost joy with life, never failing to flash a smile to those who questioned; to those who noticed the slight dulling within once vibrant eyes, colored by the earth she found herself constantly wondering around on with no set destination.  With each passing of her days, she couldn’t recognize the girl staring back into her eyes within her own reflection. She felt disgusted, she felt hideous

At home, her family showered her with adoration, proclaiming her righteous inner beauty as well as aesthetics that were blinding to many. Within the company of those not sharing the same blood within their veins as her own, they found pleasure in reminding her of the worth she lacked. Day after day, fake smiles were shipped her way at school, as the whispers grew rampant about a girl who didn’t deserve the life she was given.  Emotion, the ability to feel anything remote to human was slowly but ever so surely dissipating from her abilities as the taunting grew worse over time.
Watching the flames grow within the fire pit of the many bonfires she’d attended during high school, she noted that they burned brightly; the flames reaching towards her skin with a certain twinge of hunger. Curious, she egged closer; slipping her thin finger tips across the welcoming flames. Tightness surged through her; her nerves soaring amongst one another, painting various blues and purples as the flame left its mark on her clear skin, dripping through her veins and scampering towards her weakened heart.
She’d begun her dance with the devil; allowing his sharp tongue to waltz across her skin when the ache to feel something; to know that she was alive and to punish the girl who she’d grown to think deserved nothing but the worst and anything but the best began to swallow her hole.
On the other hand, her voice, the only aspect of herself she seemed to enjoy, even if only in the slightest, saved her in more aspects than one. She adored singing, the way she was able to emit emotions she barely even registered she’d had gave her multitudes of happiness. Floating on a euphoric high from allowing her pent up frustrations free through her lips, she’d been stumbling through YouTube. Attempting to find another song, another set of lyrics to keep her sated, she came across an X Factor audition video.
Thus beginning her infatuation, her adoration of the boys of One Direction.
Subsequently leading her to this point; to the musical event hosted by the boys whom she loved with every fiber of her being. Clothed in a pair of form fitting, dark wash skinnies topped with a navy colored bando, stretched across her steadily growing chest. Her hair fell in careless waves down frail shoulders, dipping into the small of her back as she gripped the strap to her worn out satchel close to her shaking body. Her pale black flip flops created a steady rhythm as she felt her heart beat rising with each and every step would lead her to them, to One Direction.
Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and was greeted by countless girls in situations simulating a jungle. The lions, the girls eyeing all those around them with an unnerving hunger; the elephants, knowing every song and fact about the boys by heart, recounting them to each other as they giggled amongst themselves; the monkeys, the girls who poked fun at one another, playing childishly as they awaited, as everyone in the room awaited for the boys arrival. She bit chewed on her tongue nervously, spotting a chair in the back of the room and soon claiming it for her own.
“Glad to see everyone is having fun without us.” An Irish slur came from the double doors behind Elisa as she turned her head in disbelief.
There they were, the epitomes of perfection, the obsession racking the world to its very center; Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik; the boys of One Direction.
They sauntered through the crowd of girls, offering obligatory hugs and singings as many around them fell into puddles of tears and screeched with excitement.
She on the other hand, she couldn’t move.
She was enchanted by a set of eyes holding her firmly in place, stripping her bare and seeking answers to her demeanor that she wasn’t ready to give. She glanced down at the array of bracelets covering her wrists, sighing in relief as she felt the heated glance thrown her way disappear  and the boys took their rightful place on a set of stools placed on stage.
An hour of nonstop ridiculous questions, singing, raunchy jokes and smiles passed by very quickly. She didn’t speak a single word; she couldn’t find anything to say. She was in awe, she couldn’t fathom how such perfection existed but she was thankful to be even in their mere presence. As the boys said their goodbyes, readying themselves for another event; she took it as her cue to exit. She quietly made her way out of the back door, not noticing a few of her bracelets getting caught on her chair and leaving her skin bare.
However, a pair of eyes blinked rapidly in question at the bruises arraying variously across the now barren part of her wrists.
“Excuse me!” a thick British accent floated through her ear drums as she froze within the hall.  Shrugging her shoulders and blaming it on her wild imagination, she continued walking on; until she felt a light pressure around her wrist. Realizing the absence of weight on her arm, she turned around and was faced by a brilliant shock of black hair, shinning in the fluorescent lighting.
“What is this?” he questioned, lifting his head; both greeting each other with eyes filled with question. “N-nothing, n-nothing important o-okay?” she stuttered, afraid of the oncoming disgust that was sure to come her way. But she was met with silence; he looked at her with an understanding glance as he pulled her along.
Dragging her down countless hallways, through two various elevator shafts and not once uttering a single sound. She was confused; she couldn’t understand why he was with her, why he was still gripping her wrist with a sort of heat that traveled up into her heart. He opened a pair of shabby greying doors as he pushed her through into the awaiting sunlight.
Her mind was blown, they were on the rooftop staring at a sun that was finding it’s way to another part of the world; the moon awaiting to take it’s place before them.
“Why do you burn yourself” the question she’d been afraid of being asked, afraid of anyone asking let alone someone from the group she’d come to idolize.
“It’s the only way to feel.” She whispered shamefully, as she slid down to lay the cold, unwelcoming cemented ground. Staring up into the slowly fading bright sky, she traced the patterns the clouds had left behind as he took his place lying beside her. He listened to her story, listened to her doubts, her pitfalls and the unnerving void of emotion she’d felt for such an immense period of time.
<3“Singing, singing is the only thing I have. Without it, I would have never been able to last thing long without ending it all. Without it, I would’ve never stumbled across you all.” She allowed herself a small smile at the memories of her dancing about in her room, singing to the newly bought album finally released within North America.
“Sing for me.” He whispered suddenly, turning to face her and sliding his body closer. They were mere few inches apart, their breathes intermingling with the night air as she closed her eyes and allowed her beloved music to overtake her.
“You don’t want me, no. You don’t need me.” She allowed her bottled up emotions to be freed, ber voice becoming louder as she lost herself to the music she found deep within her depths.
“ Like I want you, oh like I need you. And I want you in my life. And I need you in my life”
She found truth within the words, he was something she couldn’t reach. Like one of the various stars dancing about the night sky before them. She was someone who didn’t deserve him, didn’t deserve anything that came her way. She let herself become immersed with the truth she’d found, the truth she’d found in the tune she was setting free.
“You can’t see me, no. Like I see you, I can’t have you, no like you have me.” She heard a faint humming in the background, but she ignored it, feeling the other inching closer, running his hands with her brown locks; trapping them within his fingers as he tugged gently.
“And I want you in my life,” His voice found its way alongside her own, as she opened her eyes in surprise, gasping slightly at how close their faces were. Their noses brushed slightly as she lost herself in chocolate orbs radiating a warmth that over powered her own natural senses.
“And I need you in my life.” They sang softly as she bit her lip slightly, tears resting on the rim of her eyes awaiting release.
“You are beautiful, the purest in its form.” He spoke softly, closing the small set distance between their lips as they met together in a short, yet lingering kiss. He untangled his hand from her soft hair as he lifted her own hands up to his face; his lips traveling along every mark, every burn she’d allowed her skin to be coated with, leaving goose bumps behind and sending shivers throughout her body and into her mind.
And I want you in my life,” repeating those lyrics like a mantra, seeping love into her skin as he slowly kissed his way around her scars; “And I need you in my life” making a trail up her arms setting her nerves on fire. A strange emotion swept through her, filled her with curiosity as her stomach warmed with light. Her eyes radiated with an unknown emotion as she followed her instincts and brought their lips together once more. She tasted salt on her lips as he broke free and left pathways of kisses along either sides of her cheeks; clearing any remembrance of the tears that had formed there.
He pulled away shortly after as he intertwined their fingers and placed their foreheads together. She’d found someone, someone to steer her away from the bright flames that had engrossed her for so long; replaced by the flames within the chocolate eyes staring back at her own lovingly.

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Girl x Guy (Zayn Malik One Shot)
Hey guys, this is just something I wrote at 4 AM with to much time on my hands, tell me what you think? By the way, don’t start the music until you get to the “<3”.

     Voices surrounded her, not really paying any attention to anyone or anything, she glanced towards the bland clock lying still against the decaying classroom wall. Green orbs shriveled with disdain as she tapped her fingertips softly against her desk, impatience overwhelming her. Ridiculous fact, bombarding her brain, only to be stored there for the time being; until she found herself at home and before the computer screen, replacing everything buried deep within her mind from her previous session at school with pictures of a blinding smile and glorious brown hues staring back at her.
A buzzing sensation made its way up her slim form as she scrambled for her phone, deep within her front pocket. Cursing slightly under her breath, with shaky fingers, she lifted the phone hesitantly to her ears; scanning the room for anyone noticing her, anyone questioning her.
“Hello?” she whispered as she sent silent prayers to the man upstairs, most likely giggling at the badly timed phone call in her current condition.
“Hey, I think you might’ve left your shorts here.” a soothing voice replied lowly, accusation lingering on the line.
“Wait, who is this?” She spoke slowly, her heart rate steadily rising as the cold hands of reality slapped her across the face, her teacher appearing behind her silently.
“Ms. Siegel, may I ask who on the line there is so important that you’d choose to talk to them-“ her scolding cut short by the screeching of the alarm, saving Carli from explanation and questioning eyes all across the room as she grabbed her belongs and treaded out towards freedom, towards home.
Mumbling could be heard around her, a voice repeating for her attention as though it were a mantra penetrating her concentration as she walked home. Her eyes widened in surprise and worry as she placed the long forgotten phone back towards her ear and made her humble apology.
“Look, I don’t know your name but I somehow managed to read through the kitchen scratch you left on my mirror and called you. Do you want your shorts or what?” his voice slowly rising in agitation as she felt her cheeks heating up.
“Excuse me, come again?” she replied curtly, biting her tongue and refraining from directing him to where the shorts actually belong, at least in her mind.
“You heard me and if you’re expecting me to bring you the shorts, think again. By the way, I need my necklace back. If you’re using it as ransom or something crazy like that, you can also reevaluate that aspect because you were just a one-“
“Excuse me, may I have a word in.” her voice, stemming with contentment as she allowed the heaviness in her heart to drown her, drown any attempt to retort his accusations, as wrong as they may be.
“What” he bothered not hiding the shock in his voice, clearly confused by her sudden interruption.
“I don’t know who you are, but it sounds to me like you’ve got the wrong number. Have a nice day, hope you find who you’re looking for.” She hastily hung up the phone before a remark of any kind could be made. A sigh of relief made its way past her lips as she looked onward, happily towards her home.
Home, her sanctuary; a place where she could submit herself to life’s greatest luxuries and not worry about any glances, any remarks being made in her general direction. Everywhere, no matter where she went, she was always undervalued and ignored. Never one to turn down a helping hand, she found herself constantly being taken granted. Favor after favor, story after story, she was always there for anyone who came across her path. A trashcan, filled with the garbage of others; she was forever left to deal with their scrimmages, never allowed a word of her own, never allowed a complaint to be filed and attended too. She’d didn’t have the strength nor energy to feel any sort of resentment towards other, she’d rather love than be loved anway.
Although, with every sour set of eyes, rare hellos and loneness piling up onto her, she couldn’t help but crave for something more; crave for something that she didn’t have the courage to seek for on her own.
Walking up the stair case, each creak signaling a ‘welcome home’ as an absence of parental figures left normality and hospitality to be desired. Opening her bedroom door, she threw her various belongings into a pile in the corner; throwing off her disheveled clothing, she slipped on her navy blue oversized ‘Go Radio’ band shirt that fell just below her frail knees. Crawling into her bed, she slipped the covers over her tiny body, riveting in the warmth and support each layer supplied her.
It was as though they were there for protection against the many terrors she was faced with, if only reality would allow them to protect her during the day as they did the terribly silent night.
No goodnights, the one thing she craved more than anything was always lost to her. Despite her shortcomings and imperfections she’d been confronted with during the daylight hours, when she was younger her mother used to always whisper ‘goodnight’s and ‘sweet dreams’ against her soft skin; but that was before, before the economic crash forcing both parents to bury themselves in work.
Never having time to make it home to kiss their sweet daughter goodnight; thus, she allowed her misery to swallow her whole; her eyelids blanketed her green eyes, drowsiness taking over.
A few hours later, her eyelids drooped heavily, adjusting to the darkness that surrounded her as she looked towards her cell phone; shinning ever so brightly, vibrating softly.
She sighed heavily, barely moving out of her cocoon as she slipped her pale hands out and cupped the phone lightly within her fingertips.
“Yes?” She questioned minutely, exhaustion dripping on every letter.
“It’s me.” A soft reply directed her way as she looked towards the phone in confusion, a sudden alertness awaking her from her dream like state.
“You’re the caller from earlier?” she accused lightly, curious but not threatened by the other.
“Yes, uhm. I’m sorry about that, I was kind of rude.”
“Kind of?”
“……….” Her mind slowly began filling with profanities as she clamped her eyes shut, in fear that he would hang up and she’d loose the only person who’d ever even bothered to pay any attention to her existence, let alone give her a call.
“Cheeky are we?” his laughter calmed her nerves as she found herself slowly smiling, her eyes lighting up slightly, enjoying his heavily accented laugh. A stranger, someone she’d never met before nor even knew of their existence was laughing at a comment she’d made. He could be a serial killer, someone who was surely enough playing with her emotions, only to hope to lead her to some abandoned building and end the short life she’d barely been able to live to the fullest extent.
But after all these years, all this time going unnoticed, she felt her anxiety floating away as a daring sense of curiosity clouded her senses, keeping her on the line, on the line with him.
They spent the night, the entirety of the night in each other’s company. Dreams, aspirations, tales from long ago and foretold truths of the future filled their chatter as they trade secrets and gave gifts of laughter to one another. The sun’s rising rays marked pathways across her room as she lifted her head from the covers slowly, recovering from a smug phrase made by the other.
“It’s morning already.” She commented quietly, speaking to no one but herself as she rubbed her tired eyes, yawning in the face of the waking morning.
“Your name.”
“What?” puzzled at the spontaneity of the other as gears began churning within her mind. Smiling for what seemed to be the millionth time since their escapade had begun, she wasted no time in replying.
“Carli, Carli Siegel. Yourself?” not too concerned with his reply, just wondering out of politeness as she made her way towards her bathroom. Picking up her tooth brush and clothing it in distinct layers of tooth paste as he cleared his throat.
“Don’t scream.” He chided, warning her slightly; a lightness to his tone.
“Alright, alright I won’t.” she replied, curiosity once more filling her mind as she began to clean the various rows of teeth lying all across her small mouth.
“Zayn, Zayn Malik.”
He was met with silence, silence and a sudden loud thump as the phone made its way down to the tiled floor of her bathroom as she found herself choking on her tooth brush. A gasp had made its way out of her mouth at his revelation as a mix of saliva and tooth paste made its way down the wrong tunnel within her throat, causing her to grasp at it; momentarily forgetting about the tooth brush residing in her mouth as it too attempted to chase after it’s remnants within her mouth.
After composing herself, she lifted the phone from its rented home on the floor as she took deep, shallow breathes.
“You mean Zayn Malik from One Direction, the band glorified in all aspects of the world?” she mumbled lowly in her throat as a breathy laugh was directed her way.
“Yes.” A simple answer, a simple word that clicked simultaneously within her mind as she finally understood the tinges of recognition she’d had during the entirety of their conversations. Her palms began to drench themselves in sweat as her forehead soon joined in on the action. She found herself becoming dizzy, her head reeling from the realization about whom she’d been spent the entire evening before, to this point now, recounting her life and untouchable proclamations for the future.
A sudden beam of knowledge trekked through her mind as she recalled all the embarrassing midpoints and pitfalls she’d confided to him, a blush slowly making its way up from her thin neck to her high cheek bones as a clearing of a throat reminded her of his presence on the line.
“Can I call you again, same time tonight?” he proposed confidently, as she struggled to push forth, from her lips a reply.
<3“S-sure thing, t-tonight t-then.” She stuttered, her confidence slipping as they made their goodbyes, promises of another night filled with communication awaiting them.
Looking up from her phone, allowing her hands to fall limply at her sides, she stared at the person glancing back at her. Zayn Malik, one of the various beauties that made up One Direction, her dream band, spent the night talking to her, to her. Walking through her empty home, making her way to the kitchen, she didn’t allow the loneliness to sweep her away this time.
For once she was content, she was happy for she wouldn’t be without company for long.
Gripping her phone tightly at her side, she felt her cheeks becoming sore from the smile that broke out across her face.
Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months of conversation. Zayn had always found time to accompany her during the night, never failing to whisper sweet goodbyes and goodnights; their friendship blossoming to full bloom. He began to fill the void her parents left gaping wide open; giving her more of a reason to smile and keep her head held high, despite the loneliness she felt at school, with no one around her as support.
But she had a friend, she had Zayn.
At least until he stopped calling, completely cutting her off.  After their months of friendship she’d grown accustomed to, it slipped through her fingertips. Of course she tried calling, numerous times but she was always left with the cold company of a robotic voice, directing her to leave a voicemail amongst the countless amounts she’d left already. The glorious warmth she’d come to crave, the smiles she’d finally been able to spring forth from deep within her and someone to confide in; she’d lost it all with his absence. Weeks went by, soon months came and went as the school year ended uneventfully. Her parents rarely made an appearance as she spent her time on countless websites, trying to find anyone, anyone who would listen to her and wish her good night as Zayn had once done for her every night.
During one of her many evenings spent in solitude, her fingers pecked at the key board furiously. With mixed emotions, she felt herself slowly slipping from reality as she glanced at the question thrown her way on one of the many homes she’d made for herself on the worldwide web, tumblr.
“Skype with me?” Submitted by anon.
Taking deep breaths, she looked at her reflection; clothed in her regular ‘Go Radio’ band shirt, hugging her figure discreetly, face devoid of any makeup and hair making a name of its own atop her head, she shrugged her shoulders.
Shaking slightly, she tossed her loosely curled hair over her timid shoulders as her teeth grazed her lips slightly. She was nervous, afraid of who the person was, and what they would possibly want with someone as unnoticeable as she.
Logging onto skype, she typed in the various letters sent her way by the mysterious anon as she calmed her raging heart, right clicking and submitting a request for a video call with them.
With each ring, her worry increased until a familiar click of approval was heard and green hues met with profound brown.
She felt her breath caught within her throat as she blinked furiously, trying to regain any sense of rationality, any sense of normality. Questioning her sanity, she found herself mute; unable to utter a sound as a smile crept across his face, moon illuminating his form in the computer screen before her.
“Were you about to fall asleep?” slightly asking but already knowing an answer as he lifted a radio beside his head, his smile never fading from his face. She nodded, still unable to utter a word as she pinched herself repeatedly, reminding herself that this wasn’t a dream and Zayn Malik was really video calling her at this very moment.
“And don’t go to bed yet, love, I think it’s too early, and we just need a little time to ourselves.” His voice walked through her speakers and into her heart as emotions swelled within her. Her favorite song, the song that helped her fall asleep at night when she found herself alone without nurture or care, without  him, he was singing it.
Singing it and directing it towards her.
She couldn’t fathom anything, she couldn’t understand anything but what he was giving to her, what was showing through the light of his eyes.
“So goodnight you, and goodnight moon. When you’re all that I think about, all that I dream about.” Her eyes strained painfully as she recognized his surroundings, dropping the laptop to the floor, she scurried down the stairs. The creaking of each step encouragement as she flung open the door and was greeted by him, by the one she’d been awaiting for so long.
“Just saw my Juliet come graceful down the stairs. It’s hard to miss. The way her eyes light up the room and still the air.” His smile never changing as he opened his arms, tears long ago escaping its hold within her eyes as she ran into him full force. Their bodies shifted comfortably, each part of them aligning with the other, perfectly. Their hearts beat mixing together, dancing alongside the music as she lifted her head slowly, catching his eyes and holding them in place with her own.
“I spent the last few months on tour, working as hard as we could so we could get home earlier. I recalled you talking about your town and just had to see you.” His urgency startled her, this unknown emotion finding its way through her senses as her lips found his own, sliding easily against his own. Heat surged through her, adoration filling her veins as he pulled away shortly thereafter.
“I remembered hearing you playing this one night, and I couldn’t resist.” He whispered as her brought his lips against the shell of her ears, singing softly “How’d I ever breathe without, a goodnight kiss from goodnight you. The kind of hope they all talk about. The kind of feeling we sing about.” Tears soaking his shoulder, he pressed a soft kiss against her hair, inhaling her sweet scent and placing his chin atop her form. A simple good night was what he hoped to convey as his love for her resonated with every lasting note of the piano playing softly in the background; there love for each other spelled out by every lyric, every star shining down at them proudly from the moon.

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