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  1. So i wanted to write a fanfic about a girl who wasn’t white because it seems like every fanfic even novels now only care about main characters who are white and I’m doing something different.
  2. anyway this is about a girl who isn’t good with people and has no friends (directly based on my friend, well the character is her, here is a visual of her http://aiysaa.tumblr.com/image/40260683633) the girl is gay and goes to this gay bar regularly and meets someone who turns her world of innocent homosexuality upside down.
  3. should i continue it, let me know c: 
  4. http://onefictiondirection.tumblr.com/


A deep sigh resonated between chapped lips, pulled two thin to be fair at least to their owner; a modest girl; Asyia.

Skin, a honeyed tanned soaked between bones hung too dry, tired and modest if anything.

Chocolate coated irises scan the overly crowed dance floor, a poorly constructed makeshift stage stood before her.

Alcohol rimmed the veins strung through the bouts of her body, her ligaments loose and mind far gone to comprehend the normal rationalities of the now.

Amidst the groping and constant onslaught of words lost between forgotten ears and drunken slurs, her eyes locked onto a particular spring of hair mirroring the darkened hues of her tired eyes, framing high cheeks bones and insufferable pink lips trained to a pout.


Who could she be, where has she been, and what is this perfection.

Her focus drawn;

No,absorbed,stolen from the locks her mind’s resistance.

The girl unknowing of her greedy presence, invisible fingers taunting and tugging at Asyia, attention’s misfortune.

”Ladies and gentlemen how are you lazy fucks doing tonight!” a throaty feminine voice echoed along the speakers, her attention temporarily diverted and returned to her sanity’s calmed reassurance.

A chorus of unwelcomed cat calls and cheers for another round of endless liquor was her expected answer as the hostess snarled her lips in familiar distaste.

”You bunch of drunken fucks, I said how is EVERYONE DOING TONIGHT” Her roar this time answered by an uproarious laughter and overall giddy upheaval, a small smiling gracing her features as she introduce the line of unfortunate participants in toe.

Earthly coated unruly tussles waving carelessly in the midst of the prying fingers about her, Asyia’s attention once more treaded towards, her.

”For tonight’s contest, it’s best costume so clap accordingly, I need to get drunk before we close.”

The hostess screeched as she began her mockery of a judging, Asyia’s thoughts trailing around secret dimples and sinful limps, plumped to impossible degrees to which wasn’t even fair.

She was a regular to Rebar, a local gay bar home to all those straight and curvy, men and woman and all in between.

Each week welcomed her shadowy presence as she sunk into the dark corners of the room, never one to openly go out of her way to make friends just enjoying the show of drunken habits and hook ups, morphing into comical facebook tumults in the days proceeding.

She’d seen them all, features downturned and smoldering.

Faces scrunched up in defeat, loneliness creeping into timid fingertips around the rim of a cup too cold, the company of alcohol their only welcomed attendant of the night.

Then there were the opposite, overly affectionate; lips finding nurturing guidance into the plains of another, numbers long ago lost after ‘1’s and ‘2’s.

All the while, Asyia, the silent companionship of Loneliness her only solace, eyes forever searching and memorizing memories far too public to not be allowed within the realms of her own but sadness seeping through the aching absence in the crooks of her heart.

All the nameless crowds, she’s found a place within the crannies of her conscious to file away, but that was before tonight.

Before a tall head of brown locks begging for her own emptied fingers to slip through and grip, slinging through their softening terrains and yanked back.

Only to reveal a paled neck, veins baron in their nudity, blues of varying ranges spiking trails about the delicious grounds of her collars peeking out just above the fitted black tee strapped to a seemingly endless torso.

A slip of a taunting skin peering out, beneath it’s wake a pair of snug deep blue skinny jeans, coating form fitted thighs itching to be pulled flush against the likes of her own.

”And who is this.” A questioning voice interrupted Asyia’s admittedly  heated thoughts as she peered over to the stage once more, the hostess, clad in only a tightened ruby red halter dress that left nothing to the imagination, snaked her lecherous fingers about the girl in questions complaint throat.

Slowly, eyelids opened bring forth a set of deliriously green orbs spiked with a bit of comic relief in their humility.

”You must be new here, are you single?” she questioned, pushing her microphone into the unknown beauty’s face only for the hostess to pull away; her attention diverted elsewhere as she hurried back stage.

Murmurings of confusion echoed about the stage as everyone was ushered out into the cold brisk air; the parking lot their home for only a bit.

Staggering forward, her heavily intoxicated legs seemed to have a rational mind of their own as they subconsciously placed the rest of her body in line with the other patrons of the club.

Lights streaming from all sides, blinking blearily her eyes attempted to focus; unfortunate alcoholic type tendencies befell her as she felt a pair of strong arms grasp her middle, pulling her flush against a muscled torso.

A tussle of dark curls coloring her vision as everything went black.


Comfort, her body screaming a seemingly endless amount of insurmountable protest as she shifted forward.

Body aligning with that of her head board, she blinking furiously attempting to wipe away traces of sleep not yet readied to leave her vision.

She was in her room, her messily put together room.

Clothes scattered about the area, a mattress thrown into the middle of what seemed to be a hurricane of teenage scrimmage.

Clad in her bra and underwear, black lace contrasting the caramel coats of her skin, she pulled her blanket up about her frame in modesty, unsure of who placed her home.

Images of the night’s earlier events scattered about her mind, not yet placed together in normality’s sequence.

A flash of brown in her peripheral turned her attention towards the single window about her room towards her left, a retreating body blending into the darkness, a carless wave tossed in her direction.

Confusion seeped through her pores as she sank lowly into the welcoming embrace of her bed, thoughts of ‘who, who, who’ rousing her exhaustion, fading memories clouding her thoughts as she finally succumb to the lures of sleep.


Prodding at her side, an ignescent jabbing to the skin of her rib cage awoke her, pudgy fingers pinching at her cheeks as she groaned and rolled away from the probing of her younger brother Rajeeb.

”Get up, momma wants you up.” A heavily accented voice whispers incessantly into her ears as she groaned once more, slipping her pillow above her head;  burrowing herself a home within the safety of her sheets.

”Give me like five minutes, jesus.” Asyia whined as her thoughts drifted to the night previous, the beautiful girl clouding her mind once more as she questioned her abrupt arrival home and mysterious retreating male figure from her window.

Rajeeb took that as his, well her, unfortunate cue to begin bouncing about her room; clattering her books together and creating a ruckus of noise and glee in his attempts to get her up.

”FUCKING HELL I’M UP.” Her bellowing voice put a stop to his tirade as he scurried out of the room, narrowly escaping the fury of books being thrown at his departure.

Rising groggily, she rubbed at her eyes.

Her black short hair in a varying array of ups and downs, a mullet really that only she could help but pull off, the piercings adorning either side of her nose catching the light stemming from her window and gleamingly unpleasantly into her eyes.

Toppling out of bed, she swore under her breathe as she entered her small, meek bathroom.

Flicking on the lights, she stood before her mirror; scowling at her reflection as though a readied enemy had been acquired.

Her bangs came to a stop above arched eyebrows, hair aligning in short tuffs about her face framing her plumped cheeks narrowing; varied black layers coming to a stop just below the rise of her shoulder blades.

Thinned arms, small boobs coming to a close second when it came between an  A cup and B; a slight curving of the muscle found about the junction beneath her armpits and just above her jutting hip bones.

A stomach trapped between the plains of flat and a small lining of excess covering just above her short legs; skin all round a darkened brown from childhoods spent in the heated airs of Pakistan.

Wave after wave of disgust flooded her veins as she splashed chilled water about her face, stepping out of her undergarments as she strode into the open arms of her shower.

Warmed water slid down the various hills of her body; temporarily releasing her from the clutches of inner demons not so forgiving.

She was lost in her thoughts, hands on either side of her placed firmly about the wall before her, palms faced down and head bowed under the assaulting spray of the shower head.

Steam circled around the quieted bathroom, only the sound of water’s retreating foot steps down drain’s hall could be heard, until her mother’s incessant knocking woke Asyia from her profound musings.

”Time for food, come on now.”

A blur of getting dressed, food spilling into her belly and rushed days kept her busied.

Times following into unrecognizable patterns until she found herself once again home, in the back of a drunken crowd in Rebar.

A drag show holding just about everyone’s attention, just about.

She could feel a set of eyes scorching the rising hairs on the back of her neck, nervously glancing over she sucked in handfuls of air.

Green, all-encompassing green drank in her form as they trailed up and down her scarcely clothed form; a beckoning finger from the owner pushed Asyia away from the predator and towards the back.

She wasn’t one for conversation, wasn’t one for human interaction and yet this person, this girl was pulling at her heart strings without a single word but a finger whispers ‘come hither’ into her line of vision.

Entering the single stall of the barely stand able bathroom she gripped the sides of the sink obverse  her.

Staring at a reflection underneath years of grime and filth she took deep calm breathes, until she noticed tanned arms sliding against both sides of her own, gripping the sink on either side of her.

Ink trails, a plethora of colored hues and variants lined the ligaments encasing her, trapping her to a front a mere breathe away from her rear.


A scorching haze of heat engulfed her senses as she was pressed flush against a welcomed elongated torso.

Small puffs of air caked between the hairs cowering about her neck, sliding her gaze upward she was once again met with handfuls of green, a smirk played upon reddened lips.

Teething peeking out, perfect straightened lengths playing with her vision as a chuckle vibrated against her back.

”You, you’re something different love.” A british accent painted a male voice leering as a mouth trailed up along the contours of her neck.

”Y-you’re a b-boy.” Words struggled forth from her too dry throat as she was once more reward with an echo of small biting laughter.

”Don’t act as though you couldn’t tell, as though you didn’t notice.” He taunted as his hands moved from the sink’s dirtied rims to her hips, sliding upwards and snaking themselves just below her breasts.

Her thoughts collided with sudden realization, she’d known.

She’d known from first site, the reason why he caught her utmost attention from the beginning.

Despite his inhuman beauty, he was different from anything that normally would attract her.

She was gay.

She was gay, gay, ga-

An iridescent pink tongue raced about the skin of her baron shoulders as he nipped at her flesh, marveled at its smoothened exterior.

Trembling slightly, she attempted to move away; push herself from this danger.

A sudden rush of air whipped past her as she was knocked against the wall adjoining the sink, an echoing crack resonating about them.

Prying her legs open with his own, hip to hip, his hands trailed upward and trapped her face between his palms flat out against the wall on either side of her.

Leaning forward, his breathe ghosting the muscles of her shaking lips, green locked onto brown, he smiled.

It was a dangerous sort of smile that promised nothing that would leave her innocence left untarnished.

”So you’re gay…” he whispered, as his hips rocked forward slowly; her nerves standing on edge as heat collided within her stomach, foreign feelings flooding her rationality.

”We’ll see about that.”

A declaration of war has been set.

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After a totally unplanned, 4 month long hiatus, I’m back.
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Paradise: Chapter 4


Summary: Louis Tomlinson is beyond desperate. After losing his girlfriend of two years in a terrible accident, and then losing all the money to his name while gambling – he’s left in the streets of London to rot & wither away. He stumbles into a bar one night for his daily dose of alcohol and comes into the realization that he just walked straight into a male-strip joint. And although they’re looking for a new recruit he is sure nothing will convince him to joinThat is, until Harry Styles walks on stage.  (Magic Mike-ish inspired)

Words: 2,203

Warnings: Alcohol/Drugs/Gambling/Smut(eventually)

          AN: If you’re horny & you know it, clap your hands. Please like/reblog! It means a lot to me you beautiful, sexy honey roasted almonds. I’m sorry; I tend to refer to you all as food.


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committing suicide, excuse me.

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You Break Me: Chapter 17


Summary: Louis runs away from his abusive father only to fall into a world of love, lust, adventure & thieving. Accepting his life as a gypsy isn’t an easy task, especially when Harry, or ‘The Boss’ as he’s known, can’t seem to decide if he wants to kill him or kiss him.   

Pairings: Larry

Words: 2, 400  

          AN: One more chapter + an epilogue and it’s all over. AS THE TEARS STREAM DOWN MY FACE. I love you guys so much by the way.


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One Direction; 2nd Year Anniversary This is just the beginning for these boys.”

“It’s quite strange to think about that the thing I want most is actually one of my biggest fears like for us to take over the world and be that huge boy band. At the same time being known on such a wide scale is a huge fear because you’ll never be able to be the same person ever again.” —Liam

“I travel around, going through different experiences every single day with four of my best friends who I didn’t know two years ago. And now we are close as brothers.” —Harry

“With the boys going through exactly the same thing you’re going through and we can literally talk to each other about anything…Anything. And I think that’s a special thing.” —Zayn

“Yeah we’ve had a good year, but no one can say that we’ve actually succeeded until we’re passed away and people are still playing our records and people are still buying our music. That’s when you’ll know that you’ve done well.” —Niall

“I hope when we look back in how many years when we’re granddads, and we look back in the band, I just hope that when we look back on it and think ‘We had the most amazing time and that we’ve actually stayed true to ourselves.’—Louis

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1D Quotes - X Factor Video Diary 8

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